Data Matrix

Data Matrix is a two-dimensional, variable-size matrix symbology that is capable of supporting several different character sets, using up to 2,335 characters in any language. Since its invention in 1989, it has come into widespread use in a variety of industries, especially where small, high-capacity identification symbols are needed, such as with direct parts marking, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

Data Matrix can be printed in black on a white background or in white on a black background.

There are two types of the Data Matrix symbology, based on the error checking and correction (ECC) methods they use:

  • ECC 200, which uses the Reed-Solomon algorithm

  • ECC 000, ECC 050, ECC 080, ECC 100, and ECC 140 (known collectively as ECC 000-140), which use convolutional error correction

ECC 200 is the recommended symbol to use. ECC 000-140 symbols should be used only in closed systems.

Data Matrix is defined in ISO/IEC 16022 Information technology - Automatic identification and data capture techniques - Data Matrix bar code symbology specification).

ClosedSymbol Structure

ClosedCharacter Set

ClosedError Correction